Crazy Fingers & Friends

Crazy Fingers & Friends

Session Date: May 28th, 2014


Set 1:
Eyes Of The World>
King Solomon’s Marbles>
Shakedown Street
Jack Straw
Henry *with Jim Wuest & Jamie Newitt
Birdsong *with Jeff Lloyd, Jim Wuest & Jamie Newitt
Terrapin Station> *with Mike Garulli, Jeff Lloyd, Jim Wuest & Jamie Newitt
Drums> featuring Jamie Newitt & Jerry Weber
Samson & Delilah *with Jim Wuest

Set 2:
Bertha *with Jeff Lloyd
Last Train From Memphis *with Jerry Leeman & Jeff Lloyd
Scarlet Begonias> *with Jamie Newitt & Jeff Lloyd
Fire On The Mountain *with Jamie Newitt & Jeff Lloyd
Carry The Load *with Jack Schueler
Feel Like A Stranger *with Pete Weintraub
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad *with Jeff Lloyd

Stream Info

South Florida music fans suffered a huge loss this May¬†with the passing of Crazy Fingers’ lead guitarist and vocalist, Corey Dwyer. Corey was an extremely talented musician who played virtually every instrument since his tenure with Crazy Fingers began back in 1993, when he joined as their keyboardist and vocalist. Live from AURA Studios series presented Crazy Fingers & Friends on Wednesday May 28th, 2014 and paid tribute to Corey Dwyer through a unique online musical experience. Crazy Fingers has been a staple of the South Florida music scene since the early ’90s and are considered one of the premier Grateful Dead cover bands.

Band Info

Crazy Fingers performed their first official show on Halloween, 1990. Influenced by the music of the Grateful Dead, the band began it’s 20 year career in the South Florida area. The band built it’s fan base touring the state of Florida opening for national acts and performing in local venues 4-5 nights a week.

Band Lineup

Crazy Fingers:
Rich Friedman
Bubba Newton
Jerry Weber
Brian Jones
Josh Foster
Billy Gilmore

Special Guests:
Jim Wuest
Jeff Lloyd
Jamie Newitt
Mike Garulli
Jerry Leeman
Jack Schueler
Pete Weintraub

Production Crew

Daryl Wolff
Mark Duclos
James Argyropoulos
Zach Lewis